10 Affordable and Thoughtful Gifts for Women!

Confused what to gift your friend, wife, sister or mom? It can be pretty hard to figure out what you can get them on their birthday or any special occasion. Read more to find out what kind of gift is suitable, keeping in mind their moods.

1- Monthly Subscription Box

Boxes from Fab Bag, MSM Beauty box, Envy box and so on gives you a wide range of products that acts like a perfect gift every month. If they love surprises then this is the best option to go with.

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2- Accessories for Smartphones

Quirky, trendy phone covers for smartphones are always appreciated and it also adds a style statement to one’s personality.

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3- Garden Kit

If your friend has no garden at home then the garden kit will make a perfect gift. It’s great for someone who likes planting and wants to save money buying herbs or flowers.

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4- One-month Fitness

If your girlfriend is into fitness or if your mother is wanting to lose weight then enrolling them to a one-month trial class (yoga, gym or aerobics) can make a thoughtful gift.


5- Coffee lover

Does your sister or friend love coffee? Starbucks gift cards, a perfect way to purchase  coffee, teas, sauces and more whenever they want without having to pay a penny.


6- Makeup

With the wide range of products available for lips, eyes and skin you can opt to gift the smoky eye palette or lipstick palette. It’s always a safer option to go with when you are not sure what shade they actually prefer.


7- Books or magazines

If you mom or friend loves reading books you can get your hands on it right away by purchasing it online, they take less than 2 to 3 days to deliver and also gift wrap option is available. With subscriptions available for magazines you can always enroll your sister or girlfriend for three or six months.

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8- Accessories

With a change in the trends, you can always pick up best-selling designs when it comes to accessories like necklace, pendants. earrings and so on. If your friend is into fashion then your gift will be much appreciated.



9- Journal, diary, planner

They are handy and helps one plan and remember events and the uncertain time. A dairy is the best way to write down thoughts and they definitely make life simple and easy.

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10- Frame memories

Have pictures? You can put them in a frame and give it to them. This will be a meaningful present that will remind them the memories spent with you.

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