10 Amazing Instagram Beauty Tips

In recent years, the phenomenon of beauty bloggers has exploded and with this a whole lot of amazing and Instagram beauty tips have appeared on social networks. Instagram is an amazing platform to identify new ideas with respect to beauty and we have selected the 10 most amazing tricks you can try.

Here are our top 10 Instagram beauty tips:

1) Fuller lips

Do you like to be noticed because of your lips? Do not hesitate to adopt this simple trick of making your lips pop by blending a little concealer around your lip line.

2) Recover mascara with eye drops

If your mascara starts to become a little dry, but you just don’t want to throw it yet there is a way to  extend its life expectancy. Just pour a few drops of eye drops in and you can find the melting texture return!

3) Repairing a lipstick

There is nothing more frustrating than making a wrong move and breaking your lipstick. Fortunately, there is a very simple trick to undo this mistake. Just bring a lighter and mend your stick at the base through a simple flame. Awesome, right?

4) Replace mascara with Vaseline

If you are tired of runny mascara, use Vaseline. To do this, simply clean an old mascara brush and dip it in Vaseline. Voila same effect as mascara.

5) Lip contouring

For luscious lips with perfection, take up the rapid technique of lip-contouring. Using a pencil, draw a few strategic lines and finish with a layer of lipstick. For a natural result, choose a slightly darker pencil to the lipstick you are applying.

6) Sharpen Tweezer

Are your tweezer losing its edge? It can be sharp if you use a nail file. Swipe over it several times and it will be very effective.

7) Dry your hair with a T-shirt

To avoid breaking hair, dry your hair naturally and as soon as possible by using a T-shirt. It also eliminates frizz.

8) Use tape to put the eyeliner

It can become very difficult to draw a perfect winged line on your eyes especially if you are  not an expert in this field. Use a small piece of tape just above and gently remove it after you are done.

9) French manicure in a minute

A French manicure is beautiful and sophisticated. In addition to this it can take a while to achieve it and to speed things up, we use a piece of paper or rubber band to wrap around the nail and paint it to perfection.

10) Use a spoon to apply mascara

If you are finding it difficult to apply mascara for your eye lashes without getting it all around your eys, use a spoon to ease this process.


Let us know if your love Instagram beauty tips. These quick tips can a be a saviour. Do comment below with your own ideas and tips we can use. For more tips & tricks check out our site.


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