10 Swimming Hair Hacks

We all know that when we get in the water our hair reveals its natural state. No one wants cover their hair or scream every time someone splashes water on it. So today we want to tell you 10 hair hacks you can use while swimming to protect your hair from getting dry, damaged and frizzy.

1) Cold conditioner:  Refrigerating your conditioner will leave you with a very refreshing detangler afterwards and it will also lock in moisture in your cuticle so we suggest just throwing your conditioner in the refrigerator and then applying it.

Young lady showing her hair with shampoo

2) Leave in conditioner:  Chlorine is very drying for any hair type, so before you get into the water just slather your hair with any leave in conditioners or a spray. If you don’t have your own you can also make some with 1 part conditioner in two parts water. This way the conditioner fills in the pores of your hair before the chlorine can do any damage.

3) Oiling:  We all know that oil and water do not mix so go ahead and apply some oil from your ends to your roots as needed. Be very generous as oil is good for your hair anyway.


4) UV rays:  The sun has some pretty high UV rays. You just have to go ahead and make sure your hair is protected from the sun; coat it with some shea buter if you are going to be in the sun for more than an hour.


5) Consistent hairstyle:  When you are swimming you should wear your hair in a consistent hairstyle; weather its in a bun or half up half down or any crazy hairstyles to prevent tangling. You don’t want this hair style to be anything tight because that can cause splits in the middle of the hair shaft. You want to slick back your hair use a little bit of conditioner.


6) Hydration:  While swimming you should ensure you stay hydrated this will promote hair growth .

7) Cleanse:  After swimming you want to run to the shower and cleanse your hair from all the bad chemicals in the water.

8) Gel:  Normally we are against gel but in this case to avoid humidity affecting your hair we suggest mixing 3 parts leave in conditioner with one part gel and apply to your hair.

9) Co-wash:  The next is co-wash your hair; meaning washing your hair with only conditioner. This is in case you actually do not get your hair wet in the water but just sweat due to the sun. Sweat does not mean dirt so we suggest co washing your hair to get rid of sweat and impurities.


10) Air dry:  Last but not the least is air dry your hair. It’s probably summertime and your hair will dry fast anyway. This reduces frizz and keeps your hair looking nice & tamed.

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