20 Budget Friendly Return Gift Ideas

I love gifts! I’m sure most of us do; but the one thing all of us know is the pain of receiving a return gift which we can neither use nor give away as it’s given by a dear one.

At the same time I also empathise with the person who hosts the party or event. They host the party, feed everyone great food and also have the pressure to buy the perfect return gift. Things they would like to give are expensive and the more affordable things look crappy or are useless for all intents and purposes.

If you are someone who loves being a host and throwing parties then you’ll also love our post on Pinterest inspired house party, be sure to check it out. Here are 20 pocket friendly return gift ideas for your next party.

1. Tealight candle holdersReturn Gift
2. Terracotta painted artifactsReturn Gift
3. Coffee beansReturn Gift
4. Homemade Jams, Preserves, Sauces etc.Return Gift
5. Recycled & upcycled artifactsReturn Gift
6. Gourmet food giveaways : Mouth Fresheners(Indian), tea bags organic etcReturn Gift
7. Wall Sticker Return Giftoriginal_tree-with-bird-cage-wall-sticker
8. Mini herbal toiletries, shampoos, face wash, facepack etc

Ayurvedic Beauty Prodcts

9. Cakes in jars (jar cakes)Return Gift
10. Magnetic design chalk boardsReturn Gift
11. Mini succulent plantsReturn Gift
12. Personalised or designer coastersReturn Gift
13. Coffee mugsReturn Gift
14. French Macarons or other small dessertsReturn Gift
15. Bags of assorted spicesReturn Gift
16. Handmade soapsReturn Gift
17. Reed diffusersReturn Gift
18. Fridge magnetsReturn Gift
19. Cushion covers

Cushion Covers

20. Bath SaltsReturn Gift

Be sure to let us know what your favourite ideas are and what do you love about hosting a party at your home. Like and comment below.

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  1. [email protected] says:

    I always wonder what return gifts should we give to our close ones, especially during festivals or occasions. Which reminds me that Lohri is coming up and people will definitely need such budget friendly ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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