20 Things Every Girl Should do at least Once in Her Life

Resolutions!! They are meant to be broken but bucket lists can be completed over time & done once (or multiple times) in your lifetime. Start making your bucket list today & of boy…! Here are 20 things every girl should do at least once in her life and some of them as many times as possible.

1-Β Hike in the mountains

2- Swim in the Ocean

3- Take part in a marathon

4- Gardening- Plant a garden

5- Road trip

6- Adopt a pet

7- Experience snow

8- Cut your hair short or colour your hair or get a makeover

9- Work out and get a bikini body

10- Attend a concert or music festival

11- Enjoy a waterfall

12- Dance all night sleep all day

13- Attend a costume party

14- Experience northern lights

15- Get a piercing or a tattoo

16- Try new foods

17- Do karaoke

18- Go camping – No cell phones allowed

19 – Skydiving or scuba diving

20- Get a massage


Let us know if you want to add anything else in the list.



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