4 Travel Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Taking a break and going on a holiday is something one looks forward to and falling sick during this time can ruin the trip. Here are some tips to stay healthy when you are traveling.


1- Water

Always drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated when you are travelling. You never know how the climate will be and its always better if you consume more fluids.


2- Hygiene

Washing your hands and keeping it clean will help you stay healthy on a holiday. Always carry a hand sanitiser, this is a good defense against germs and bacteria. Also make sure you sanitise spots in your hotel room for germs using antibacterial wipes. This is one great tip to keep you away from any illness.


3- First Aid andΒ Medicines

For international trips carrying the necessary medicines and a first aid box is very important.Β Its not easy to get an appointment where ever you go and in such cases this is a great way to keep yourself protected.


4- Healthy eating

Yes yes, it can be an exception but you need nutrition as well along with a few treats. So make healthy choices and dont over eat.


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