5 Easy DIY Hanger Ideas: Transform your Closet

In addition to the last post on how to make your home look stylish with inexpensive and thoughtful items, in this post, we bring you ways to make your own stylish DIY hangers. Style and organize your closets by adding your special touch and make your closet as unique as the things in it. Here are 5 DIY hanger ideas that you can do easily and is totally worth your time.

Washi Tape Hangers

Get creative and use washi tape to decorate your hangers. You can use different colors in gaps or in different patterns. And if you want to make it stand out you can also cover the entire hanger in a washi tape.

Colorful hangers

Recreate plain hangers by adding a pop of color. In the same way you can either paint or spray your favourite colour and make it look stylish with different designs and patters too.

Glitter hangers

Glitter DIY hanger is a great way to make your closet sparkle. Add glue to the hangers and add glitter or sparkle over it. It can get messy hence let it dry completely before you start using it. You could also use a sequinned fabric or tape to do the same.

Hand beaded hangers

Be it pearls or the normal colored beads, untwist the strings  of the hanger and thread the beads and twist back the hanger. Make sure you glue the last bead in place. Furthermore, you can use it as a prop at your wedding and will look great for pictures.

Stamped hangers

A fun personal message on the hangers would make a great idea to make the closet look cute and sweet. You can stamp words or even sentences on the hangers and give your closet a personal look.


A few more DIY hanger ideas:

You can also create different prints such as Aztec, polka etc. on the hangers. If you have cloth material that you might not use in future you can also use them and make your own patterned hangers.



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