5 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you a completely hopeless; hearts & flowers romantic? Then you favourite day of the year, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start with the preparations. We have come up with some cute, creative romantic ideas to help with your decor. Keep scrolling and let us know which one is your favourite.

1- Tissue paper fringe

Take a heart shaped white cardboard. Choose the tissues in the colour you want and fold the strip 3/4th way down and cut into strips. Keep adding folded tissue fringes in different colours and glue it on the cardboard. Make a hole in the cardboard and string it so that it can be hung.


Easy isn’t it? If you are not a fan of hearts you can experiment in different shapes or patterns.



2- Heart trees

If you have tree’s near your house you can grab some thin branches and get on with this project. Punch out colourful hearts or if you like being simple opt for a single colour. Use a hot glue and stick the hearts to the branches. Enjoy.


Dont have hot glue? You can also string it to the branches



3- Crayon suncatcher

Begin by taking wax paper and spread crayon shavings and fold the paper into two. Make sure the shavings are evenly spread on one side. Take a kraft paper and place it over and iron on medium heat till the crayon melts. Let it cool and punch out hearts and hang them over the windows using silk threads.


4- Pom poms

Take pom poms in different sizes and needle them with some thread. Tie a knot at the bottom and make sure your place them evenly. And that’s it! You can hang them over your windows or where ever you feel it looks nice.1b5887809409f810c5ed8a6a4f528363

Be it small or big its upto YOU!


5- Romantic lights

Have empty mason jars or any glass jars at home? Why not make a hand written note and stick it inside with a candle lit. You can also add old paper cuttings or anything your find cute and stick them inside so that its visible outside. Tie a ribbon or a thread near the neck of the bottle and light the candle.


You can also try this 🙂



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