5 Health Benefits of Summer

Most of us love summers and its a good season to enjoy picnics or days at the beach. Summer is hot and uneasy we get it, but did you know it also has many health benefits and keeps us active physically and mentally. It will motivate you to go out and have a healthier outdoor life and here are some reasons why:

1) No more skin complaints

You will be less worried about dry skin and body. Exposure to sun rays can be beneficial with respect to dermatitis and acne. Just make sure you don’tย expose your skin to direct sunlight and always remember to apply sunscreen lotion with 30 percent SPF.

2) Less risk of heart attacks

One is less likely to have a heart attack in summer than winter. The rays of the sun synthesise vitamin D and reduces blood pressure and also lessens the risk of blood clots.

3) Feel likeย consuming liquids

One tends to feel thirty during summers and with more water in your body, digestion and temperature regulation will be smooth. It improves skin and health and flushes out toxins and you will definitely feel like snacking on fruits and drinking cool fruits juices.

4) Reduces Migraines

Clear and sunny days reduce migraines. ย Results show that migraine depends on weather conditions and can play a major role according to one’s body temperatures.

5) Good sleep

Summer keeps your body active and at the same time makes you feel tired. If you are having lack of sleep spend two hours in the morning exercising.

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