5 Home Remedies to Treat Cracked Heels : Tried and Tested!

Are cracked heels causing you a lot of pain? Not able to wear open footwear because of cracked heels? Don’t worry we have got your back. Read on to find 5 tried and tested homemade remedies to treat cracked heels:

1- Vegetable Oils


When you have dry skin, the chances of your heels getting cracked are more. You can prevent this by applying any vegetable oil. It not only moisturises the skin but also helps the skin to restore its softness.

Tip- Make sure your feet is clean before ou apply any vegetable oil (olive oil or coconut oil). You can see better results when you leave it overnight.

2- Paraffin wax

paraffin 2

Paraffin wax is helpful if you have painful heels. Not only does it give instant relief, it makes the skin soft as well. After melting the wax, apply the wax with little coconut oil. Cover it with plastic and leave it for thirty minutes and wash off.

Tip- Make sure you do this 2 or 3 times a week.

3-Rice flour-


Rice flour removes dead skin and prevents cracking and dryness. Take rice flour and mix it with milk. Scrub this paste wash our feet for ten minutes and wash it off.

Tip- You can also mix the rice flour with apple cider vinegarย and honey for better results



Vaseline moisturises your skin deeply and if you use few drops of lemon juice ย with it, you can see a difference quickly.

Tip- Apply vaseline after soakingย your feet in warm water. Wear socks and go to bed.



This is a quick method to clean your feet. Rub lemon on the cracked area for few minutes or soak your feet in warm water with few drops of lemon in it.

Tip-Use a pumice stone to scrub

If you follow these tips regularly you can see a difference in no time. Comment below if you have more tips to share.

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