5 Secrets for Men to Learn The Art of Dressing Well

Some men I see make it look like its child’s play & so easy. They just have a natural instinct to know what looks good & what goes well together, the basic skill to put together an outfit. But most people need to learn and practice it to do it right.


The internet is a very confusing place; it gives you a lot of scattered information along with half truth and also from the unnecessary. From childhood you’ve grown up with your parents teaching you to dress yourself (as opposed to dressing well) and now you are an adult with misconceptions about fashion & confusing style habits. 

1) Refresh your wardrobe on a small budget: When you see such articles you always think of all the money that is going to go. Hold it right there. One of the main reasons you feel this is because you go binge shopping, when you feel you no more have clothes to wear you run to the mall shop till you drop and spend a small fortune. Hence you always relate clothes to lots of money. The smarter thing to do is to set aside a budget in your monthly expenses and buy a few items at a time and build you wardrobe. This might take a bit of time but its worth it.

2) Quality as opposed to Quantity: Trim your wardrobe. Having a bulk of items calling it variety does nothing to your style and is frankly impractical. Don’t buy clothes making up outfits as you go limiting your clothes to be a part of individual outfits. Instead buy clothes as a part of your wardrobe which can be a part of multiple outfits.collage2

Buy simple prints and patterns or plains which go well with most things. If you favour particular colour tones, buy clothes which compliment those colours. Its better to be a man with 20 items which make 10 outfits, be a man with 10 items which make 40 outfits. Also practice decluttering your wardrobe periodically, here’s how you can do it  http://www.thebonsaimag.com/7-types-of-clothes-in-your-closet-to-do-away-with-now/

3) Fit or Fat: No offence to anyone! Irrespective of your body type the fit of your clothes is the most vital for it to look well groomed. Whether you buy something off the streets or in an exclusive boutique if the fit isn’t right for you it looks very shabby. bad-fit-mens-jacket

The common sizes available on the racks of stores does not fit every one or every body type the same; that is impossible. Instead of going on collecting more clothes in the hunt for a good fit, invest in a good tailor. Buy the clothes closest to your size and it altered with little tweaks according to your exact body and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes.

4) Use colours but sparingly: A lot of factors are involved in making an outfit look good. One of the most important things is colour combinations, and this can get very overwhelming and confusing. It is also equally important to embrace colours to keep a fresh outlook on your wardrobe and avoid looking monochromatic and boring.evergreen-khakhi-trouser As an amateur avoid using too many colours in an outfit until you learn the art of matching. This is your safest bet, pick one item of colour and pair it with neutrals like black, blue, beige, khaki etc. Once you have learnt more about colour coordinating you can start experimenting with matching different colours.

5) Stop worrying about being unique: Style does not come from being different from others, its about being aware of what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Start with the basics and timeless classics like the white shirt, navy blazers etc., and you’ll learn that wearing a more put together but understated outfit makes you look much smarter. Once you get comfortable with this, you can start adding small personal touches to your outfits that make it more you, which is more important than being unique.

You don’t necessarily need to throw out everything in your wardrobe, experiment in front of a mirror or friends, learn what works for you and alter things that need it. Focus on fit and focus on the basics. You can’t have a makeover overnight. Start slow and stop thinking adding a suit and tie will change everything.

Before no time you’ll be mastering the art of putting together awesome outfits.

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