Yoga Changed My Life: International Yoga Day

AlanΒ Finger said “Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years” and you will only feel this once you start practicing it.

I decided to take the first step and attend yoga sessions. The whole world was raving on about it and it was time i got on to the bandwagon.

This is what happened when I did:

1)I was hooked

When I attended my first yoga class, I thought this would be an easy way out that can be done few times every monthΒ as a mental detox. But it definitely got me hooked.

2) More energy

I kept falling off the postures that were being taught while everyone seemed to have mastered it but it would just push me to do better the next day and leave me more energetic at the end of every class, making me look forward so much to my next yoga session.

3) Self realisation

You will consider yoga to be POWERFUL once you put your heart and soul into it and it will lead to your spiritual and physical potential realisation before you even know it.

4) Yoga Improves focus

One can master the art of meditation and this will help you clear your mind and stay focused. You will want your “me time” at least once a day and you will become more aware.

5)Self actualisation

Yoga made me appreciate my surroundings and accept everyone as they are. You will automatically become health conscious and make sure you take good care of your body and last but not the least it will help you be fit and for sure will make you confident.

Β The benefits are immense. Each one finds different uses in it but rest assured no one is ever disappointed. It does not matter whether you are a spiritual person or not you will find it helps you beat the everyday stress of your life.
Do you practice yoga? Let us know how it has benefited you . What else helps you through your everyday life? Check out our other fitness know hows on the blog.

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