6 Easy Ways To Organise Your Closet!

As if messy life isn’t enough, who wants to deal with a messy closet..! My friend and I took up a challenge to either deal with our messy closets or give up shopping; since Β the latter is a no go, we found these useful organisation ideas in our desperate times.



Good quality Hangers + Same colour Hangers = Organised Closet

Different season + Different colour Hangers = Organised Closet

You can use satin hangers for delicate clothing and wood hangers for tailored jackets. Colour coded hangers for different types of clothing, isn’t this a great way to save time and find what you need?


2- Hooks:bags

Hanging bags on hooks is a great idea if you don’t want them to lose shape.

3- Open shoe organisers


Make sure you can see your shoes at a glance. An open shoe organiser will help you choose with ease and save time.

4- Basket Casebasket

Get easy access to your socks, napkins, briefs and so on by storing them in a basket case. This is a great way to store your things if you have less space.

5- Fold


Never hang sweaters, they lose shape easily. Make sure you always fold heavy clothes and use dividers if possible to give it an organised look.

6- Old clothes


Donate unused items and eliminate clutter. If you have clothes or accessories that you haven’t worn in the last few months, you are never going to wear them again. So its time to get rid of them.

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