6 Makeup Bag Must Haves

Whether you are  a beginner or a makeup lover looking to downsize your basics, we have compiled a basic set of 6 must haves to look more put together & fresh.

If you are a makeup enthusiast or want to start experimenting with makeup, this list is a must.

1) Foundation/ BB Cream: If you are a beginner BB creams are your best friend; They give you slight coverage, evening your skin tone, moisturise and most often contains SPF to protect against the sun. Once you are more comfortable using these you can always upgrade to foundations.


Be it a BB cream or foundation, ensure you get one for your skin type and tone. As much as possible do not get lighter shades as they make you look ashy faced.

2) Brow pencil: Eyebrows are very important and are vital to frame your face. Most girls skip this thinking it doesn’t matter. We can’t emphasise enough about the need for this to make you look fresh & youthful. 31Hvrz49p3L._SY355_There are many brow products introduced in the market. Always get browns or grey shades closest to your hair colour and never go for black as they look very unnatural & harsh. Just fill in the sparse areas and even out both brows with light short strokes for those natural looking fuller brows.

3) Kajal/ Eyeliner: Being an Indian, this is the one thing almost every girl has & uses religiously. You can choose between a kajal or an eyeliner to avoid piling on products. This adds oomph to your eyes making you look more awake.











You can always use the kajal as an eyeliner to line your top lid. Here’s a tip; you can skip a top liner but still make your upper lash-line look full  by tight-lining your upper water line.

4) Mascara: This is literally my favourite product. Something about those luscious lashes to take your eyes to another level as not all of us are blessed with naturally good lashes.

Falsies_W_Brush For best results start from the base of your lashes wiggle the wand on your way and finish off, you can add extra coats for more build up. Don’t forget the lower lashes tho!

5) Blush: This is one thing that adds a little colour to your face and avoid looking flat & dull.


Get something in the shades of Coral, as it compliments Indian skin tones the best. For even better results get something that has a slight sheen or shimmer to it for that extra glowy, highlighted look.

6) Lip Colour: I believe this is the next common thing all of us use. I really do not have to explain or say anything about this. So many colours, textures, etc. Pick your shade and rock it!


Tell us what your favourite makeup must haves are, Leave a comment below. Share it like it enjoy!

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