7 Types of Clothes in your Closet to Do Away with Now

A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? We’ve all been there. What’s the next thing we do…Well, Duh! Go shopping of course! The way you just looked at a closet exploding with clothes and told yourself “there is nothing here” is proof that you are not thinking straight.

Here’s the thing, you don’t need more clothes, you need less. Throw out all the junk & unused stuff and you have a brand new closet of things that you could actually use. After this follow a rule of thumb; the one item in one item out rule and you’ll never look back.


Follow these few ways to declutter your closet

  1. Clothes never worn: I’m sure all of us have clothes which we bought online, got as a gift, bought impulsively because there was a huge discount or any other way. The point is these pieces of clothing are those which we never wear because we don’t like them, the colour or they just don’t fit. I know they’re new, i know how hard it is but do yourself a favour and chuck them out.
  2. Super comfy clothes: These are the things which you would never dare step outside with. Baggy sweat shirts, lose yoga pants, your stained over-sized tee etc., basically clothes you wear at home when feeling down & out. When you’re feeling blue, what you need is something cheery; ask yourself if these clothes ever make you feel good or just reinforce the fact that you feel horrible. I think you already know the answer. Please get rid of these now!
  3. Old is not Gold: We all have a few skeletons in the closet; the clothes which you once loved so dearly and wore them practically allllll the time. But now they’re hiding in the far back of your wardrobe and you would never ever wear anymore. Favourites are hard to part with but do it, it’ll be worth it.
  4. Twins,triplets…Quadruplets: Do you have 4 floral dresses, or 5 collared chiffon shirts? These things, when you bought them seemed different from ones you already owned; but get real, lay them out and look at them together. Are they really different? Probably not! Pick your favourite among the lot and hang them back. Bid the clones goodbye. Your tees & undies are mostly excused from this.
  5. Dirty & Damaged: This one is pretty obvious. Pick the pieces which are stained, torn or damaged beyond repair. I don’t even need to reason this one out. Just trash them….K bye!
  6. Your alter ego: Identify the clothing which you kept because OMG…your 2016 resolution is to lose weight and get fit & then you are totally gonna fit into it. Sorry guys…but when that happens and I really hope it does reward yourself with new clothes. No one really likes to wear old clothes, the chances are you’ll never actually wear them at all. Do away with these & trust me the reward of new fitting clothes is way more motivating to actually get fit.
  7. Fillers: These are clothes which you either just don’t like or don’t wear because you don’t like the way the shoulder fits or you feel it makes your hips look wide etc. What is the point of keeping these if you already know why you wont wear them. Give them away now.

Now look at your made over, shiny, well edited closet. Once the old & unnecessary is out, the good will finally shine through.

Here are a few contacts to donate or resell the clothes which you don’t use. Please be wary not to give very dirty or torn clothes, underwear, basically donate clothes in good usable condition. Those clothes which you never worn or wore once can be resold.










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