9 Changes You Can Make To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Running your own business can get way too overwhelming.

Sometimes you get caught up by what’s surrounding you and tend to leave out on certain details that are important and this can be a disadvantage when it comes to your business.Β The Bonsai Mag brings you few tips and changes you can make in your life to become a successful entrepreneur.

The curious oriental cat looks in an objective.Never stop asking questions! Your thirst for more information about your product or service or your interests should never end. Any info can come in handy at any point of time. This helps you sell yourself better and it’ll also help you be the heart of all conversations during networking.


When you are starting you are so very busy that you honestly will not have time to think about dressing. Best thing to do to save time and still look ever ready is to keep it minimalistic. Wear simple clothes, you can amp it up by adding one strong statement earring, necklace or bangle and wearing the perfect footwear to go with it.

getClutter is never good. Having clutter around in your work space or home will add to the clutter in your mind. It will continue to constantly distract and you wont be able to concentrate on the work at hand. Get rid of everything you don’t need. Keep your work station simple, clean and clear with only the necessities and light art & decor if you prefer.


Many of you are not first time entrepreneurs. Hanging on to your past failures be it in work, business or personal life will never let you move ahead in life. Let it go, forgive yourself and the others involved and give yourself a fresh start. If Plan A has failed there 25 more alphabets to go. Never give up.

moveIt is very easy to get stuck in rut. All of us have been. There are days when i feel so lost because i don’t what to do or where to go. But the best thing to do in such a situation is jut move, do something related to your work; even if it is the smallest or very insignificant, just do it. When you accomplish even a tiny task you feel better about yourself for having done something about your work and helps you think of positive steps to be taken.

3b90ad6Set backs and let downs are a day to day happening when you are an entrepreneur. Do you know 90% of start-ups fail within the first year? Statistics don’t matter because to each his own. Learn to be resilient; when you approach 10 people to sell a product or service 9 people will reject it but its not the rejects that matter because one acceptance is all you need to prove your grit. Always be prepared to accept your failure, recoil and relaunch yourself.


Money is always tight till the day your get your big break. Who doesn’t like buying things and enjoying them. But right this moment its time for you to control that; there will come a day when you can shop or invest to your hearts content but until then hold your horses. I know it easier said than done but you’ve got to be realistic and start somewhere because no one can afford to spend money they don’t have.

saying-noIt’s important to be in the good books of people and build good work relationships. But you have to learn to say NO and be assertive when it’s needed. That does not necessarily mean you have to rude or obnoxious about it but if the offer or price is not suitable for your business then you just can’t do it. Be it friends or relatives you need to think of what benefits you in the long run and take a decisive stand.

walking-shoes-530Nothing clears your mind as well as a good walk. Be it in the morning or evening; take some time out for yourself disconnect from everything put on your favourite music and take a walk. Do this and see how good and focused you start feeling. Plus you are getting a bit of exercise and they don’t lie when they say, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

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