9 Cheap Home Decor Ideas: Must haves for your Home

Looking at the price tag and realising how to make your home look better and stylish? Be it a fork or a colourful printed table mat, we are here to show you how some don’t cost a fortune and that you can have stylish cheap home decor.

These essentials will not only go well with the decor but will also make your space fresh and vibrant.

Here are few cheap home decor ideas to make your home look classy and stylish.

1- Glazed Bowls

Glazed bowls are perfect and look pricey for your kitchen and are dishwasher safe. You can either use it to serve food or store fruits and vegetables.


2- Chalkboard placements

Almost all chalkboard placements can be creatively used. Plate it up or use under a cup of tea or coffee. Write notes or draw pretty things when you have guests over or you can use it for playing games as well.


3- Oil Bottles

Oil bottles are not only cheap home decor but also look stylish. There are various types and makes available in the market and one can use it for various oils or keeping vinegar.


4- Water bottles

Not only do the stainless steel water bottles keep the water cool during summers, you can choose from the variety of designs available and keep it stylish on the table.

5- Hangers

Upgrade your wardrobe by opting stylish hangers. They not only help you sort your dresses easily but also good hangers keep your clothes in shape. You can add your personal touch by creating your own hanger and you can do the same here.

6- Felt baskets

What a great way to throw your used clothes or store wraps in a felt basket. They look unique and definitely add style to your home.

7- Sticker clock

These are cheap and you can find them easily on online shopping sites. They are safe to go on the walls and are indecisive. There are sticker clocks that can be reapplied for more than 100 times.

8- Pod planters

First of all various pod planters are available that are inexpensive. You can opt for painted, coloured, plain pots and add an element of style to your home or balcony.

9- Soap dish

Choose from a great selection of bathroom storing essentials and add elegance to your bathroom. You can bring home the gold-plated soap dish which not only makes it look exquisite but also royal. In addition, they are easily available at an affordable price and will definitely add charm to your restroom.

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