Cakey Makeup and How to Avoid it

Lets talk about how to avoid cakey makeup. When I initially started doing make up the biggest issue was having a cake face. It would either be no coverage at all or a face that looked like a cake that has just been iced.
cakey makeup
In all these years of trying, I have learnt a few tips and tricks to avoid this from happening. I’m not gonna let you lovelies walk around with cakey makeup.

I am going to let you in on a few of my secret for a flawless base makeup:

Prep your skin

Know your skin type; is it oily or is it dry or combination skin. My skin is very oily and has a lot of open pores. I tend to go for a good primer which mattifies my skin and also covers up my pores. Make sure you apply it very well on your T-zone to avoid it looking shiny.

Set your primer

Let your primer set for 10 to 15 minutes. If you apply all the products one after another, it’s not exactly sinking into your skin and it just adds to those multiple layers leading to cakey makeup.

Use the right tool

People always ask me what kind of a tool I use to apply my Foundation. It mostly depends on what kind of foundation and what kind of look I’m going for whether I want light coverage or heavy coverage. If you are going for a lighter Foundation use a brush like a stippling brush to apply. If you are going for a heavy duty foundation use a beauty sponge, it gives a better finish and also soaks up all the excess product. Ensure you use your beauty Blender or any alternative sponge wet.

Pay heed to fine lines

If you are having issues with your foundation settling in to fine lines, apply a  smoothening primer. These are specially for areas which crease more; like just under the eyes are over the forehead or anywhere you have problems with fine lines or laugh lines.

Cakey makeup setting powders

Here’s where things can go wrong. Powders! Generally lose powders are much lighter than pressed powder that’s why you always see beauty gurus setting their makeup with lose powders especially under the eyes as it avoids getting into the lines. Use lose powder to set your under eyes rest of your face with a pressed powder if you have oily skin to avoid cakey makeup face.

Let your liquid products sink

You know how few people apply their foundation and immediately set their face with powder. I feel that makes your face look very very cakey & less natural. I recommend waiting a good 5 mins and let your foundation settle on your face before you go in with a powder to set it.

Moisturiser to avoid cakey makeup

Apply moisturiser very very lightly throughout the day on very cakey looking parts of your face. I know it sounds crazy but it works. Just choose a very light oil free moisturiser and whenever you feel any area, like around your nose is cakey dab a little of your moisturizer on top of it,

Makeup setting spray

Let’s say your makeup looks super cakey right after you have applied it. Its not even an hour and your Foundation is already looking cakey.  Take you beauty Blender or any beauty sponge and spray it with makeup setting spray according to your skin type and deb it on the cakey areas or just spray your face with the setting spray to make it look well settled. It instantly takes away any sort of powdery feeling and the skin looks very flawless and hydrated.

Shake it up

When your makeup Foundation is sitting on your table it tends to get thicker, therefore what you should be doing is making sure you are shaking the bottle well enough before applying to get a even good consistency.

Maybe your Foundation by nature is very thick and you probably need to make it less so. You can always mix it with your moisturizer or any oil which you use to sheer it.

Skip your base

You don’t need to apply Foundation all over your face if you’re having a really good skin day. You can just dab a little Foundation on the spot where you need extra coverage to just spot conceal and it’ll look beautiful. Just ensure you have the perfect shade of foundation so doesn’t look odd.

I really hope this helps. If you are new to make up check out our post on basic makeup bag must haves.

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