My Personal Go-to Curly Hair Routine

Ever since I stopped putting my hair in pigtails for school I hated my hair, I had no idea how to style and care for it. Mom used to ask me to comb it and i used to try it. My curly hair looked crazy. In the second year of college i finally gave in to the temptation and straightened my hair. At first I loved it, such easy styling, no tangles and hence no breakage…oh wow! Best decision ever!!

Curly Hair Straightened

Huge mistake! Once the fascination wore off I realised how thin my hair was becoming, terrible ends and horrible hair fall. After much research I realised it was all the chemical treatment I put my hair through. After one full treatment and 2 root touch ups I decided to stop and embrace my natural hair by letting it grow.

Then came the most dreadful part. Growing it out was a nightmare, half my hair was frizzy rough curly and the rest was straight. But I was determined to go through with it. Be tough and stick it out.

Half Curly Hair

After I finally grew it out and doing a lot of R&D I learnt a way to manage and groom my unruly super frizzy crazy hair.

1) Detangle

Always detangle your hair before you wash it. Hair strands are very delicate when wet and will break when combed wet. And NEVER EVER comb it when dry unless you want to look absolutely scary.

2) Washing curly hair

Shampoo only your scalp. Choose how often you need to wash your hair depending on your scalp type. Curly hair as such by nature is very dry and frizzy so try avoid washing it too much.

3) Condition

Always condition your hair, no excuses. Use heavy duty conditioner, which thoroughly moisturises your hair. Be aware to only apply conditioner to your hair and not to the scalp because it weighs down your hair making it lose volume and also gets it oily faster needing a more frequent wash.

4) After wash

Apply a curl cream to re-enforce your curls after squeezing water out of your hair. Do not towel dry before as instructed. Use a soft cotton T-shirt to scrunch the remaining water out of your hair.

5) Drying

Let your hair air dry as much as possible or if you are in a hurry dry it with a diffuser attachment in your hair dryer. Finish off your styling with a good anti-frizz product.

6) Co-wash

If you workout on a regular basis and feel the need to wash your hair after sweating it out Co-wash your hair if its already not washing day. Rinse your scalp and hair using only your fingers while putting your hair upside down, condition it well after. This still rinses out the sweat and does not dry out your hair. Best tip to avoid over shampooing.

7) Oiling

Try oiling your hair once a week to keep it tamed and nourished. You can use coconut, olive almond, castor etc. whatever suits you

8) Deep conditioning

Curly hair needs all the moisture and nourishment it can get. It gets very dry very fast and can lead to split eds. Deep condition your hair every 2 weeks. You can get it done at a salon or buy deep conditioner or make a DIY and do a treatment at home.

I have been religiously doing this from 2013 and I’ve never looked back. Yes sometimes i have my bad hair days. Rain and humidity are my biggest enemy; but who doesn’t have bad hair days. I have no regrets and have only got so many compliments on my hair.

Curly hair dont care

Do let me know what you guys think and if you have any more tips that could help. Also check out our post on protecting your mane when swimming; 10 swimming hair hacks.

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