Love Handles & 5 Exercises to Reduce it

Do you hate your love handles? Want to get rid of them? You got to follow these exercises to see the difference. Love handles are fat accumulated above the pelvis and near hips and to reduce them you have to follow a good diet and focus on the exercises.

Here are few ways to reduce those love handles

1- Side planks

side planks to reduce love handles

Start by leaning sideways on your right elbow and foot. Keep your core tight throughout this exercise. Pull your right knee up towards the chest and continue to crunch the left elbow towards it. Do this for around 10 times. Repeat on the other side.

2- Planks

planks to reduce love handles

Begin by getting into the plank position. Keep your arms underneath and paralell to the shoulders. Pull your abs tight and squeeze your rear.  Lower it down and with one arm follow it up and down and to the normal position. Repeat this ten times and make sure you keep your core tight.

3- Push ups

Keeps your hands wider than your shoulders and do simple push-ups. You can vary the knees and keep it low to the ground if that is easier for you.

push up to reduce love handles

4- Oblique press and reach

oblique press and reach to reduce love handles

This exercise is one of the effective ad verified for love handles.  Form a 90-degree foot angle and kneel down. hold weight in one arm out in the air and touch the other fingertips to the ground.

5- Knee drop

Knee Drop to reduce love handles

Lie on the ground flat and pull your abs to your spine. Lift legs and put them on a table top position. Use a ball if you like and place in between legs and squeeze. Drop your knees to side of the body and pull to center and repeat.

What is also important is to increase your metabolism and be careful of those little things that hinder your fitness goals.
Do you know any other simple ways to reduce that annoying baby fat or love handles? Please comment and let us know below.

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