Hate working out? Do these 7 things

Let’s be honest, everyone has their off days and I am a person who hates working out. But to be healthy exercise is a must. If you want to make working out suck less you can do these seven things and see a difference. You may want to do it more and often!

1- Work out while watching TV- You can now do reps orย complete a yoga pose during commercial breaks or while watching a movie. It will not only motivate to you to get up but can be fun and challenging as well.

2- Dance off- If you dont like going to the gym then you can just dance. Be it any style just play some music and start dancing.

3- Gym tips- You can either read a book or watch your favourite tv show while you are running or biking in the gym. And if you love music, just make a playlist of your favourite songs, it will motivate you to get you going and work out more.

4- Cool apps- If you still havent tried Spotify app you must, RIGHT NOW!. They have a built in running feature and music that matches your every step. Cool isnt it?ย You can also try Fitradioย or the walk app.

5- Challenge people- If you have doubts on challenging yourself then challenge your office friends or family via Fitbit. It helps trust me!

6- Think positive- Think positive and push yourself. It will be hard in the beginning but it will get easier and the results will be great.

7- Drink lots of water- Whether you are working out or not, this is a must. Drink lots of water, add some herbs, lemon or some apples.

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