How to fix a broken nail using tea bags?


Have you spent a lot of time nurturing your nails by getting regular manicures every month to see a broken nail?Disappointing isn’t it? Yes, but we have an instant quick fix that you can try. All you need is tea bags. Yes you heard it right, tea bags that are made up of thin and fibrous paper.

The theory is simple: When you stick this paper to your nails, it not strengthens the crack but alsoย repairs the badly broken nails.

Here’s what you will need:

1- Tea bags

2- Base coat

3- Scissors

4- Nail colour of your choice

5- ย Top coat

Here’s how to do it:

Start by removing your nail polish from the broken nail. Make sure you remove all the cuticle oil. Empty out the leaves from the tea bag and cut it in a rectangular shape to the length and width of your fingernail.


Apply base coat and let it try. Cover the nail about halfway down from

the tipย ensuring the break is fully covered and smooth it down. Remember, there should be no bubbles in the tea bag paper when you smoothen it.


Once this is dry the next step is to apply base coat and watch the bag become translucent. File your nails and remove left over tea bag that is hanging over your nail. Finish off by applying your favourite nail colour and a base coat.

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