How to Make Right Decisions

Are you having trouble making decisions off late? Are you trying too hard? Be it about your job, relationships or day to day tasks, the next time you are trying to decide, you can do the following:

1) Make a List

Start listing out each and everything that comes to your mind, Segregate and put it under the pro’s and con’s. The next step is to compare the good and bad things and visualise and check the logical options to go with.

2) Visualise

It is very important to visualise what you have written down and you will have to imagine what would be the scenario if you opt for resolution A versus resolution B.

3) Consequences

It is necessary to choose something that will give you the potential rewards. Sometimes the risks might be high but if you are willing to go ahead you will be surprised to see that the decision you have opted is the one which will reward you the most.

4) Short and long term thinking
It is very important to choose options that will benefit in long term. Sometimes options that are easy will lead to short term success and this can affect the future. So you will have to chalk down what will be beneficialΒ in the future. See the big picture.
5) Advise
Sometimes your friends and family members might have ideas that you might have not thought about and in times when you are confused it is a good idea to consult with your family and friends.

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