How to Make ‘Working From Home’ Work For You


Working from home is such a blissful thought. For few its a choice whereas for new moms or working mothers its a necessity. However its very easy to get carried away and become complacent and less productive. Its important to set limits and work schedules to strike a work-life balance.

  1. Have a set work space: Designate a specific place for a home office–and store all work-related files, reference materials and supplies there. Try not to make it near a bed or a TV. Ensure that your office space emulates that of a true work environment.
  2. Get organized: Set office hours, Create schedules, to-do lists, timelines and deadlines. Make sure to create a time slot for each of the day’s activities. This helps with communicating to others when your work-time is. If you have kids then you have to decide your work hours based on your children’s schedules.
  3. Keep your work space clean and free of clutter: A messy place can be distracting, take a few minutes to clear your station and put things back in its place. This will help you have a clear space & mind the next day when you start working. Studies show that over time, your desk can collect more than 400 times the bacteria on your toilet seat, if this isn’t motivation enough what is?0x600
  4. Avoid distractions: Communicate your working hours to your friends and family. Never underestimate the temptation of the fridge, your soft bed, Pets, TV and family members when you start working at home. Planning ahead is the key. Plan your meals, snacks, child care etc. during your working hours well in advance.
  5. Take breaks: When making your schedule, you might want to work in smaller periods, allowing yourself time to get up from the computer to stretch. This will help you physically & mentally, improving circulation and also help you be more productive.TakeBreaks
  6. Get out of the house: Moderation is very important. Working alone has its disadvantages because we are social beings. Getting out of the house is necessary, you can take your laptop and work at a coffee shop or meet a friend during lunch. The idea is to break the monotonous schedule of work so you don’t get bored and give up.
  7. Stay healthy: Get plenty of fluids and eat healthy, and if you aren’t a fan of exercise, just try to move around whenever you can. This gets oxygen into your blood circulation which can be the cure to that dullness you’ve been feeling after looking at the same project day in, day out for months! Relax with music, some light reading or make lunch for yourself.
  8. “Leave” work at the end of the day: The good and bad news is that now you can work “anywhere”. Most people go home to get away from work. Since that isn’t an option, make sure you strike a careful work-life balance. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you should be working all the time you’re home.

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