Does Success Have a Deadline? How Late is Too Late?

Success is defined as the achievement or fulfilment of a goal or purpose. It is multidimensional and very subjective. It is different for every person; from losing 30 kgs to having a happy and content marriage; for someone it maybe getting off a wheelchair after a tragic accident and for someone it maybe to perfect the art of a winged eye liner.

Deepak Chopra rightly says ” Success is the progressive realisation of worthy goals”.

However when one thinks of success in their career and professional life; the society is always putting a timeline on everything that one needs to do. So it’s pretty easy to get to a particular age and think to yourself “I’m never going to see success in my life”. If you are one of those my advice to you is calm down and not sweat it.

Fear can strike even the most confident of hearts when questions about career paths arise.

It is said that one cannot learn a new language without an accent after the age of 16. Music as a talent can be discovered in the first 10 years of life. Most of the celebrities and success stories we know are of people who have started at a very young age.

This might make a 27-year-old with a degree think that it’s too late for you. That is a false impression. According to the Forbes top 100 founders list it is noted that the most common age to start some of the top companies was around mid-life which is around 35 in our generation.

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New-Age for Success

In this day and age when there is a successful entrepreneur rising up in their teens and 20s the pressure is high. So what about those who succeed at a later point of time in their life? Is it better to be Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook at the age of 19 or is it better to be Ray Kroc to start one of the worlds largest chain of restaurants, McDonald’s at the age of 52? The point I’m trying to get to here is that it’s never too late!

Captain Krishnan Nayar started the first Leela hotel in India at the age of 65 after serving in the army and changing multiple career paths. Our beloved Boman Irani got his first film at the age of 44.

Indra Nooyi became the CEO of PepsiCo. at the age of 51. Suchi Mukherjee who is the co- founder of Limeroad started it in 2012 when she was 39 and was on maternity break. Vandana Luthra started VLCC in 1989 at the age of 30

Here’s a look at the 24 people who became highly successful after age 40 from across the globe.

This goes to show that every person is different, their paths are different as are their career ladders. Not everybody is made for a 9-to-5 job. Not everybody has the grit and the gumption to open their own business.

Success is a Highlight Reel

Don’t ever try to compete or compare yourself with others; instead, try to be the best version of yourself.

When you see people buy luxury homes, travel and have lifestyles you want; you see their success but you can never see the struggle that goes behind it. What you see of someone’s success is their highlight reel; don’t compare that with your bloopers and behind the scenes.

Be wary of the feel good quotes and pictures that show people become successful at an older age. Almost every one of those stories have years of struggle and hard work behind them. So do not make the mistake of thinking that you’ll get “lucky” one day and slack off. Keep trying to be the best you can and prepare yourself for when the opportunity knocks on your door.

Even on the professional ground or personal success is never stagnant. When you achieve your goal you always look for more. There is no single way and age that “it is supposed to be”. You have figure your own way out. Hop, skip, trip, make a plan and work as hard as you can.

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