Love Dewy Skin? Here’s how you can get it!

Does  your skin feel dry and dull? Do you want to feel fresh and glowy? Read on to find out how you can make your skin look dewy fresh and this is the right time to do so.

1) Exfoliate

This is one of the best ways to achieve dewy skin. You can use either a coffee exfoliator or a mixed fruit peel exfoliator. All you have to do is mix a quarter cup of oil (coconut or olive oil) with two spoons of coffee powder or dry the fruit peels and grind it to slightly coarse powder and add coconut oil. Gently exfoliate. The mix will activate your skin and make it glow and remove the dead cells on your skin.

2) Moisturize

To keep you skin hydrated and get a dewy look it is important to moisturise after you exfoliate. Always choose a cream or facial oil which is rich in Vitamin E to avoid dryness. You can either apply this to sleep or in the morning to keep your skin hydrated.

3) Green Tea Bags

When you use green tea make sure you don’t throw away the bags. Put your used tea bags in the fridge and you can place it in the morning on each eye and you will receive the much-needed hydration that your skin has been wanting, it also reduces the puffiness.

4) Sunscreen
This is very very important. You can never underestimate the power of sunscreen.  Be it summers or winters, when you are stepping outside you must apply a layer of it. It will protect the skin from any kind of damage and will ensure your skin is dewy.
5) Water spray
Spray some water on your face to instantly hydrate your skin for a fresh look. This is best and fastest ways to get what you are looking for especially when you are outside.

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