Men’s Suits & Jackets Alterations 101

The fitting of your clothes are extremely important. Even if you buy moderately expensive clothing, if the fitting is good then it looks impeccable no matter what kind of fabric. Be it jeans, t-shirts, shoes or accessories it is very important to wear well fitting clothes. This may become all the more important when it comes to formal wear such as suits.

RHCVE50EJRIf you are one of those gentleman who can afford bespoke customised clothing then congratulations! You are a part of the elite group who are extremely well dressed. A lot of guys cannot afford custom clothing, especially young men who are at entry level positions and are just getting into the corporate world.

Luckily all stores which sell suits have basic minimum ways in which they alter to give you a finished suit. There are three main things:

  1. The hemming of your pants will be completed
  2. Your sleeves can be shortened
  3. Your waistline can be suppressed and made to look smaller

 These basic alterations even if not offered by your store can be made at a very cheap cost at any tailor. However more often than not more alterations are required to get that perfect fit.

 Some of these alterations can be very tricky and can cost a lot and sometimes they do more harm than good

  1. In case your sleeves have working buttons and jacket lining, it will have to be shortened from the shoulders. This is very tricky and also more expensive than shortening them from the wrist.
  2. Always ensure you buy a suit which fits you perfectly at the shoulders. Shoulder adjustments are often not worth it at all and are also expensive and difficult.
  3. Some jackets can be shortened by up to 1 inch before they start to look  uneven and unbalanced, plus this can get really expensive & can also ruin the proportion and stance of the buttons. Do avoid this if at all possible.
  4. Last but not the least one of the most simplest things to do is replace buttons to match your style. This can be done at any tailor at a minimum cost, just make sure you replace them all at the same time so they don’t look uneven in the future.


Whenever you are buying a suit or a jacket, one of the most important things to look for is the shoulder fit. As stated above, shoulder alterations can be tricky & more often than not they are impossible and will make your suit look worse.

The second most important thing is to make sure that your jacket length is not too far off. If you keep these points in mind when shopping for a new suit you will not be disappointed. You can always be picky and not settle for anything that does not fit and look great.

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