Menstrual Cup First Impressions and Review

Let’s talk about the Menstrual Cup. Messy, painful, stinky, etc. are the kind of adjectives that come to my mind when i think about my period. PMS, cramps, bloating, leakage, staining, excessive bleeding, pain of changing pads or tampons every few hours; with all these negatives I will grab and hold on to any piece of relief a menstrual cup can offer. I have been reading and looking at articles on the Menstrual cups and getting curious. I finally started using it a couple months ago and I’m never going back!!

menstrual cup

What is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a type of feminine hygiene product which is made out of medical grade silicone, shaped like a bell and is flexible. You wear it inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual blood. It comes in 2 sizes based on your age and if you have had a baby. Not much confusion to chose between. Its made of medical grade silicone which makes is very hygienic, safe and does not cause any infection.

How to use it?

Fold it and insert it like how you would insert a tampon. A menstrual cup sits slightly lower than a tampon. Once its inserted it opens up to form a light suction to avoid leakage.

Here’s a video to demonstrate correct insertion

First impressions

I’m a regular tampon user. It took me a couple of tries to insert it right, but had no issues once I did. On the first day I did feel like something was there, but there was no leakage whatsoever. I found the removal a little tricky at first but was easy thereafter. The second day I had a leakage due to incorrect insertion as I was still getting used to it. After the first few glitches I had no issues using the menstrual cup.

The wear time was 6-8 hours as I’m a heavy bleeder in the first couple days. I could also conveniently sleep with it as long as I changed it first thing in the morning. Cleaning was pretty hassle free; just empty it, rinse and reuse. Wash it with warm water and soap once a day and you’re good to go.

Menstrual Cup vs Pads and Tampons

I’m someone who has heavy bleeding. Pads have always been a problem as I needed to change them very frequently and also had major stain and leakage issues. Night times were the worst for me with a pad.

Menstrual cup vs pads

I later moved on to tampons; they were a little more convenient however there was still the issue of frequent changing and leakage. In order to avoid that I used to also wear a pad just in case along with my tampon. The biggest issue I have with a tampon is by my third day frequent changes caused dryness in my vagina and made insertion difficult and also a bit painful.

With a constant usage of moist pads I always ended with terrible itchiness and rashes by the third or forth day. Until now I used tampons on the first 2 days and pads on the last 3 to work around my issues.

Which Menstrual cup do I use?

I use the Alx Care 100% Silicone Reusable Soft Menstrual Cup in Size 1 for women under the age of 30 years. I bought it on Amazon. It retails for Rs. 700. It might look pricy but it can last you upto 15 years.

alx menstrual cup

Final Review

I can Proudly and Honestly say I’m completely converted. I will definitely continue using the cup regularly from now on.

  1. Its easy to use
  2. Mess free
  3. Less frequent changing
  4. Convenient cleaning and reinserting
  5. No odour
  6. Price is high but works out cheaper in the long run
  7. Eco friendly
  8. Rash and itch free
  9. I can swim or workout
  10. Minimum five year wear time



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