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Who doesn’t love a party, I certainly do! What’s better is to be a party diva and host it at your own home. Its quite a task to host a party and DIY over that…think you are incapable of it?

What if i told you that it is not only possible but in fact pretty easy to throw a party at your own home using these easy ways found on Pinterest. Here are few ideas that would surely impress guests at your next party and you could also show off saying you did it all by yourself.

  1. Set the tone
    Think of your most innate senses. What are the first few things you notice when you enter anybody’s home? Its what you see, smell and hear. Use these senses to create an atmosphere for your guests. Firstly ensure that you home is clean, your guests should feel welcome at the sight of your home. Place some vases with flowers, open the curtains and let the light & air in. Secondly play with the sense of smell and create some easy quick DIY potpourri like this one on pinterest. Lastly fill your music player with some nice music and let it play softly in the background from the minute your first guest walks in till your last guest leaves.

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  2. Food
    One equally important thing at a party is the food. Everybody talks about how good or bad the food at a party was. When you are doing it yourself the best thing to do is to put together a simple spread and make it look like gourmet food. One more excellent idea is to let your guests do most of the work at your food table with a make yourself food counter. Here are a few simple pinterest ideas for your DIY gourmet 3 course meal.
    a) Drink: This is a  24 Deliciously Simple Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.
    b) Appetizers: How about some amazing easy pinwheel appetizers in both veg & non veg. You could make up your own fillings as you go.
    c) Main Course: This one’s my favourite! Create an interactive pasta & taco bar with pre-cooked pasta and tacos with a range of simple meat and vegetarian fillings, toppings, sauces etc. It’ll reduce the labour intensive task of filling your tacos and also eliminate the stress of cooking multiple dishes.
    d) Dessert: Make a delicious but oh! so simple Nutella Brownies serve it up with some ice-cream and chocolate syrup and your guests will be left licking their fingers clean.pinterest party collage
  3. Party Favours
    Bid goodbye to your guests with super cute party favours so they’ll always have a fine memory of the day. You could always make more of your DIY potpourri and pack them in small cute pouches or make this simple DIY lavender scrub in bulk and pack them in small jars so your guests can enjoy some pampering.


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