Starting a Career in Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning or any business for that matter is not for the faint hearted. I have done it more than once now, it’s just as scary every single time and nothing has ever tested me more.

The fact that you’re reading this article tells me that every single one of you have had a great business idea at one point of time or another but have no clue where to start. Trust me when I say you are not alone in this. In these years of meeting so many people and networking I have realised that lots of people have great ideas but turning these ideas into a profitable business, growing customers and making money takes a lot of hard work.

Wedding Planning

When I was getting into wedding planning I would hang on to every piece of free advice I could get. The problem most people have as a new person in the industry is you have very limited budget and big dreams.

When I was starting off I couldn’t exactly afford to invest anything. I had a business degree in event management in my name. I had no savings to invest or any connections to speak of. The only thing I wanted was some experience I could add to my portfolio, paid or otherwise.

The first thing to get other people to take your business seriously is for you to start taking it seriously.

1. Do you need a Wedding Planning degree?

No you don’t. Creativity cannot be taught. You definitely do not need a degree as such, but if you feel that you need help in some department of running a business you could always take up a small course to help you get better.

2. Deciding a Niche

There are many aspects to wedding planning. Decide what exactly you want to specialise in. Do you want to do end to end planning or stick to just the wedding design and Decor? Do you want to do big extravagant weddings or small boutique weddings. Whatever it is pick a speciality and stick to it.

Wedding Planning - Wine Bar

3. Getting experience

If you are new to the wedding industry and don’t have any experience you might have to plan a few events for free to increase your skills and learn how to work with clients. Accept jobs which allow you to get that experience. Make sure your clients let you use the images of events you have worked on to build your portfolio. In this case be selective and be sure the events you take up truly give you the opportunities you want.

4. Be professional

Just because you are helping people out for free you can’t be unprofessional . Act like a business owner because you are one . Make sure you are always on time for all your appointments and meetings. Be responsive and always follow up with anyone who has asked about your services. Always dress professionally and take your time to market your services online and offline to attract clients.

Wedding Planning - Professionalism

5. Set boundaries

When I first started lots of people were interested in talking to me about the events they were planning and pick my brains about it. After one point of trying to gain your experience don’t be afraid to say no to giving away your time. Your skills and time are very valuable and you deserve to be paid for your services. If you continue to plan events for free you will be starting the habit of accepting less than what you deserve. You will not be happy and will also have a tough time making your business a success.

6. Sales pitch

It can be very easy to get tongue tied and not know what to say because you are not used to this. It is also very easy to start rambling away without knowing when to stop. It’s better to avoid over explaining things and get caught up in every single detail. Always keep it simple short and sweet. Pre plan a sales pitch to sell yourself & your services and practice multiple times if needed.

Check out this article on 5 truths about planning a wedding to add to your sales pitch when you’re talking to a potential client.

Do comment below if you have any further questions or doubts.

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