Styling: What to wear for New Years Eve Party

If  there is one night to make the best out of, it is definitely the New Years Eve. Its doesn’t matter if you are planning to stay home or have a big night out, take the opportunity to dress up and steal the spotlight and burst out all the sparkle and shine. We have come up with some styling tips on what to wear and how to get ready for the biggest party of the year.



New Years Eve is not complete without some sequins and sparkle, so its upto you to opt for outfits which have sequins and are glittery. If you don’t like too much bling and your whole outfit to be a sequined one then you can go with a sequins top and a plain skirt or pant beneath or vice versa.


Balance is key and its important to mix colours to make it pleasing to the eye. If you are going to wear a monochrome pattern or solids, make sure you add statement neckpieces or accessories to bring in that x factor.



If you want to look formal you can opt for a blazer on top of your dress or top to give it a professional look.

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Stockings: Minor details of any outfit plays an important role in making you look glamorous. Even if you are not comfortable pulling off glittery and sequenced outfits try glittery shoes or stockings. Not only can you use it for many other outfits but it also adds an element of oomph to the whole look.




If you are in the mood to try new hairstyles then you can try these gorgeous simple hair styles for your New Years Eve Party

Bouncy waves- Start by blowdrying the damp hair with a paddle brush. If you want inward or outward curls at the end use a round brush. If you want a glossy and smooth finish run a flatiron and use a setting spray at the end.8c4579ca7d555423d0e6856b702f3f78

Faux bob- Bored of your long hair? You can try this faux bob by first blow drying damp hair. Make a ponytail behind and rolled hair under and pin them. It would look great if you curl your hair before pinning to add extra volume.


Side swept bun- Section the hair in the front and pull it towards the side and make a low ponytail. Twist small parts of hair and pin it to a bun. You can loosen the hair in the front to give it shape.


Top knot- Apply gel to damp hair and make a high pony. Split the hair into two or three sections and twist them and wrap into a bun. Secure it with bobby pins.




Make up not only enhances the way you look but also makes you look flawless. Look your best by trying one of these few looks for the biggest night of the year.

Bold eyes and nude lips- If you opting for glitters and metallic dress then its best you go in for bold eyes and nude lips. It will not only highlight your face but also adds dimension. Contour your forehead, cheeks and side of the nose and choose a good highlighter to brighten your face and eyes.


Glowy makeup and lashes- To look unique you don’t need pounds of makeup on your face. Pastels are in and a glowy make up will always make you look natural. You can finish off by adding a good mascara or false eyelashes for added oomph.

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Bold lips- Bold colours always enhances the look and makes a statement. If you are not sure of applying basic makeup, make sure you atleast have a bright coloured lip.


Perfect eyebrows- Choose an eyebrow pencil of your brow colour and make sure you outline and fill in the empty spaces but beware never to use black.


Glitter eye make up- New Years Party wont be complete without glitter and glamour and if you want to try some thing new, why not a glitter eye make up? You can apply glitter make up by using a primer and a base. Take a setting spray for the glitters and pat on the lips and spray the solution. Always do your face make up after your eyes while using glitter so you can clean up all the fallout.


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