Tips and Tricks for Best Hair

Has a bad hair day become your every day? Say goodbye to dull, dry and frizzy hair by using these tips and tricks in your daily routine. With so many vivid products out the market it can be quite a tedious task to choose which one will give you your best hair. Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks that will not only help you have healthy hair but will make sure you Β have great hair every single day.

1) Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the best cures for your hair problems and it has been used over generations and you cannot go wrong with this product. It not only moisturises but will also bring in the shine to your hair. Warm the coconut oil and massage it to your hair. You can also add one spoon to your conditioner to make the hair healthy.

2) Hair masks

Just like how you use masks for your face there are also masks for hair in the market. It works like magic and protects your hair from damage. Use it few times a week and you will instantly notice beautiful hair in no time.

3) Exfoliate scalp

Have you ever tried this? If not, you must must give it a shot. Regular exfoliating will not only remove dead skin on your scalp but will also boost the growth of hair. Add white sugar to your shampoo, massage and rinse. It is so easy you will for sure benefit from this.

4) Water and protein intake

A certainΒ amount of protein and water intake is very important for healthy hair. You can find a lot of proteins in beans, dairy foods, nuts, meat, fish and so on and adding this to your servings and drinking more water will not only help you get luscious hair but will also add shine and boost the growth. Basically have a wholesome diet.

5) Sleep

Experts say that the secret behind faster hair growth and healthier hair is adequate sleep. When the body is not getting the chance to restore itself it will affect skin, hair and body and will start showing instantly. Try and hit the sack early and look fresh and healthy.

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