Top 10 Hair Hacks

Hairy Scary! I even get nightmares about bad hair days which honestly for me is most hair days. I’m one of those girls born with oily scalp, super dry & frizzy and pretty much curly hair. Confused? Well, I’ve been too from a long long time.

However the positive person I try to be, have shortlisted my favourite top 10 hair hacks which ACTUALLY WORK! Avocado-hair-mask

  1. Cornstarch/ Cocoa Powder: Washing my hair often makes my hair crazy and dry; not washing every two days makes my scalp very oily and roots flat. Voila! I use corn starch, dust a bit on my hands and put it on my scalp spread it well and comb it through, and bye bye oily scalp. Remember a little goes a long way, and its better if you do it the previous night. If you are worried about white looking hair try cocoa powder & on the plus side you’ll smell like chocolate!
  2. Moisturiser: This one’s a quick fix for your frizzy hair woes. When u see a bit of frizz and fly aways showing up during the day when you can’t look anything but perfect just use a little bit of your normal body moisturiser rub it in-between your fingers and tame your frizz. Trust me it works!
  3. Ponytail Curls: Being a lazy girl has its perks. You save so much time. After curling half your hair have you ever felt like just giving up? Yup me too all the time! a quick way to get pretty looking hair curls is put your hair up in a high ponytail and take small sections from the pony and curl it. It’ll curl your hair in half the time and leave you looking fabulous.1434126264-ponytail-curling-trick
  4. T-shirt Drying: Stop rubbing your wet hair with a towel, like seriously..STOP NOW! Instead dry your hair with a simple cotton Tshirt or a micro fiber towel and see the magic. Normal towels create a lot of friction which leads to a whole lot of frizz, using cotton tees will cut that down and leave your hair less frizzy & if you have curly hair plop your wet hair up with the tee over night and rediscover beautifully natural curls the next morning.Hair-Plopping-700x400
  5. Bobby pins & Hairspray: The hardest part about using bobby pins is to make them stay put where you pinned them. Whats worse is if you have straight hair or oily hair. A simple trick is to just spray a little of your hair spray on your bobby pins before pinning them in your hair. The hair spray makes the pin tacky and it wont budge the entire day.
  6. Bring back the Scrunchies: Remember those scrunchies being all the rage a few years back? Time to bring them back. If you want to hold your hair back during the day and tie a normal hair elastic; I’m sure you hate the bad indent you end up with. A scrunchie has a lot of fabric covering the elastic which reduces the pressure directly on your hair avoiding those nasty indents.
  7. DIY leave in spray: Mix a couple tablespoons of your regular conditioner to a cup of water and put it in a spray bottle. It works excellently as a second day hair refresher and also helps your second day curls to set better. Just spray this and run your hands through your hair. You can also use this before getting into a pool to avoid chlorine damage; just use it like you use your sunscreen and reapply before re-entering the pool.
  8. DIY clarifying shampoo: Already spending so much on shampoos, conditioners hair spray etc etc etc, who wants to spend more on a special clarifying shampoo. Mix 1 part baking/cooking soda with 2 parts regular shampoo to make your own clarifying shampoo. It helps get rid of all that product build up and keep your scalp healthy. Use is twice a month for best results.
  9. Ponytail OOMPH: Amp up your ponytail using 2 hair ties. Instead of doing a single ponytail, make 2 one below another, close to each-other. Doing this makes your ponytail look more lifted and longer. article-2014823010545739297000
  10. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is great for your hair in so many ways, I can’t advocate enough. Everyone struggles with dry dead ends. Just spread a little bit coconut oil on your fingers and apply to the ends of your hair to make it look healthy and moisturised. You could apply on wet or dry hair but then again, a little goes a long way or you’ll end up with oily ends.


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