Top 5 Indian Websites for Accessories & Shoes

There is something very therapeutic about shopping (no wonder they call it retail therapy); and what’s even better is shopping from the comfort of your home or office. How many shopping sites do you have an account in? I’ve lost count; however being honest here, I’m quite bored of the usual sites.

Finding fresh style is a struggle, and the struggle is real. We’ve been looking for something fun and more interesting in the online shopping department. Among the many sites which we tried, shopped in and were satisfied are these top 5 in no particular order.

Propshop 24 : We love this site for all things cool. They have amazing stationery, accessories for your home, office and quirky personal statements.

propshop24 1

Propshop24 are known as Curators of cool. Your one stop shop for fun-tastic gifts from around the world! On their site you’ll find awesome gifts, fashion accessories, perennial party supplies and whimsical yet practical ‘Props’ for your home, workplace, bar and parties. They launched in December 2012, & in April 2014, they redesigned their website to include their latest category – Fashion Accessories.

Stylefiesta: If you want trendy good looking accessories head straight here.Prices are very sensible and affordable and all the accessories are very wearable on a day to day basis making you look like a style diva yourself.

stylefiesta 1

Founded by Masoom Minawala, Style Fiesta is a trend-driven e-commerce website for fashion jewellery & accessories. With the aim of ‘delivering fashion at guilt free prices with the help of live stylists’, they don’t believe in fashion seasons, but in spoiling the customers for choice, resulting in new arrivals biweekly. Their motto is  ‘If we love it enough to wear it, only then is it worth selling.’

Baublelove: One stop shop for a head to toe style statement. They have a very boho-chic and off beat vibes in their style and products making them very unique and stylish.

baublelove 1

Bauble Love are known to bring unique accessories at affordable prices. The unique touches in their collection makes them stand out from other brands with their great going-out looks and occasion accessories, amazing statement necklaces and fabulous sunglasses and watches. They deliver fabulous new fashion online to you every single week.With over 250+ designs introduced every month, you just cannot help but pick more than one, it’s time to get shopping!


Chumbak: Go Desi! Chumabk has the most quirky range of fun accessories, clothes, home decor items, shoes etc. All their product are based on designs  showing the day to day life and culture of Incredible India.

chumbak.jpg 1

Chumbak was founded in 2010 as an idea for creating a range of fun souvenirs for India and Indians. Chumbak takes everyday objects and turns them into colourful and fun-filled products. Based in Bangalore, they design all their products in-house at the Chumbak Design Studio. They retail over 35 pop-up stores and have flagship stores in Bangalore and New Delhi.

Street style store: We totally love this site for footwear at super affordable prices. They have a vast range of trendy styles and designs that never leave us disappointed. They have also introduced clothes, bags & other accessories. Note: They are a start-up and have their own manufacturing unit due to which they have delays in their delivery & customer care.


SSS was founded by the young aspiring fashion-stylist Rimjim Deka in 2011 with the desire of every girl looking glamorous into reality. They believe fashion shouldn’t be confined to elite and offered frugal quality products in vogue to bourgeois. Now people can keep their fear of left behind in the world of fashion aside & experience the grandeur with us without getting the hole in their pockets.


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