Ways to Make Makeup Last on Oily Skin

People say only skin is a boon. They say oily skin helps you age slowly, it keeps your skin younger for much longer. But the pain of living with oily skin on a day to day basis is real. Especially if you are a make up enthusiast like me you know exactly what I’m talking about. Oily skin will never allow your make up to last long. Women like me are afraid to put on makeup in day time because they know their makeup will melt in no time. It’s time to stop worrying because even though you have oily skin you can still do your makeup and make it last all day long.
Here are a few recommend solutions for your Makeup to last longer.
  1. A good base is the key to long lasting makeup. Make Primers your best friend. Apply it before you put on any makeup, this will make your Foundation last for a long time and also absorb the oil content from your skin. Many brands of makeup have very good oil controlling primers in the market. Choose the one you like and enjoy.Summer Makeup Primer Picks
  2. If you are one of them who suffers from creasing of your eye shadows then you should be in the market for a specific eyeshadow primer. These primers give a good base for your eyeshadow colours to pop as well as keep your base strong so that the shadows will not crease on you throughout the day.
  3. The Other best friend of yours should be your setting powder. always set your makeup with a bit of powder & make sure that you know you do not pack on too much powder as you will end up looking cakey & and oil will start seeping through your pores. The key is to keep it subtle and if needed reapply it a couple of times through the day.maxresdefault
  4. Go to the market and find some oil free makeup. using oil free products which have glycolic acid is the best solution for you. The acid reduces oil secretion from your pores and gives you shine free skin.
  5. As much as possible use water proof products. Eyeliners and mascaras which are waterproof are a good option if you have oily skin because they avoid your eyeliner from bleeding and spreading it all over your under eyes making you look like a raccoon.s-aca8a7588e4ffadbd6aa7026cc6fb661f8f9736d
  6. Invest on some good oil absorbing sheets. They really help taking away the oil from your face without actually removing your makeup. Just dab it on your skin without rubbing to gently remove oil.closeup_65d69142f0f35d3462e0362dca4d448abc2dae5c_1443501104_PAPIERS-MATIFIANTS-HD_WEB
  7. Try and use skin treatments which get rid of excessive oil & masks which absorb oil or have oil absorbing properties ex. multani mitti aur fullers Earth.-خاوة الذي تستعمله الكويتيات للعناية بجمال شعرهن

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