Alternate Work Experience to Start your Wedding Planning Business

Work Experience is vital for any new aspiring business person. No matter what industry you are trying to venture into, it is very valued. This is a very tricky situation in the wedding planning industry; you don’t get projects or events without experience and you won’t get experience without actually working on projects. Especially families in India hesitate giving such a personal event to people who do not have credible work to show for.

work experience

So how do you break into this tricky industry? The first obvious response  is Wedding Planners. Apply everywhere, all the well known wedding planners you know and religiously follow. Look for people who’s work you can connect with and would enjoy planning. Send out well written cover letters along with relevant resumes. If you are someone still holding a full time job trying to gain experience before planning a business, try volunteering without a pay.

If you think that you are having a tough time getting something you want, think outside the box. By that i mean look at other side but connected industries where you can get relevant experience.

Lets discuss these “other industries” in a bit detail.

1) Work experience at a reputed Hotel

Look for big hotels or basically hotels which have an exclusive banquet and event planning department. There is good chance that you will at least get an internship. Such hotels are always handling a lot of events, corporate and weddings. This will also help you gain a lot of varied experience and help you further decide on your interest.

work experience

2) Caterers

Food is literally the biggest portion of any wedding. People will always remember the food they have eaten at an event. A reputed and well established caterer will have various opportunities to learn from. The kind of work that goes behind deciding menus and planning courses, food tastings, drink pairing is phenomenal. It is in fact on of my favourite part about wedding planning. You are sure to learn a whole lot.

work experience

3) Florists

Some of the biggest wedding planners in the city and also the World started off as florists. This is one of the most creative departments of wedding planning. I do believe most people are attracted to this part of the industry and are keen to start on their own. Join a good florist and learn the know hows of this art. You can learn a great bit about preparing for weddings and also let you sharpen your skills in this specialisation.

work experience

Don’t be afraid to approach a business to ask for opportunities. Do your research well in time. Whats the worst that can happen? They’ll say no. There is no dearth of opportunities for someone who is genuinely interested in learning and gaining work experience.

If you liked reading this and thought it useful check out our first post in this series about the basics of Starting a Career in Wedding Planning. Do like and comment if you have more inputs or just show some love!

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