What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar?

We have all heard the new research of how cutting down on added sugar can help aid fitness, health and weight loss (Take this with a pinch of salt). So you decide to stop eating sugar, and when I say stop eating sugar I mean stop eating a lot of added sugar in things like soda, cookies, candies etc. What exactly happens? How does is actually affect your body?
Here are a few physiological changes that happen.
1) Within hours your hormonal levels shift. Levels of hormone called insulin will start to come down, it’s what we call anabolic hormone which favours building up body mass or retaining fat. It’s really hard to lose weight and burn fat for calories when you have got a lot of insulin circulating; but when you stop eating a lot of sugar it makes it a lot easier for your body to access stored fat and burn it for energy.
2) Over a few days and weeks you will notice that your lipid levels in the blood start to drop, especially stores of fat in your blood called triglycerides. That’s really important because having high triglycerides can contribute risk of heart disease. Sometimes you’ll also see other cholesterol levels go down especially that bad cholesterol which is called LDL (low density lipoprotein). Triglycerides can also harden your arteries.
3)  Another important things we see over prolonged periods of time is that your palate changes. Things that used to taste normal to you in terms of their sweetness level will start to taste really unpleasantly sweet and your palate will adjust to require a lot less sugar to feel satisfied. Your palate changing will make it easier for you to give up sugar and sustain that change in diet because you are not going to crave as much. Sweet things don’t taste as good to you as they might have before.

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