When I Met 50 Other Curlies

Overwhelmed is what I felt when I saw so many curlies under the same roof. Everyone with curls & waves of different shapes, sizes, lengths and textures, absolute stunners each one of them.

Every time I walked into a room, I was always the person to stand out. Mostly pleasantly but sometimes not so much, however, seeing all these beauties together was a truly amazing experience.

One place that united them all is the facebook group, Indian Curl Pride. This is a support group for people with curly hair started by none other than the curly haired guru Asha Barrack of Right Ringlets. Apart from Asha’s blog being a treasure trove of information for us curlies, this group is an amazing platform for information sharing, tips, tricks or just a boost of confidence. It is heartwarming to see people lifting each other up and helping through transitioning into CGM (Curly girl Method) without any inhibitions.

Guide for curlies
Asha Barrack
Photo courtesy: Indian Curl Pride

Bangalore Curlies Meetup

This meetup of the Bangalore curlies happened at Big Pitcher, as the number of RSVP’s went above the expected numbers (How awesome is that?!). The love, the support, the laughter and an overall positive vibe was the vibrant atmosphere of the evening. Each one of them sharing stories of how their hair was received once it came out in its full glory, sharing their routines, giving tips and tricks to maintain curly hair. It was truly touching to see. The amazing food and beverages of Big Pitcher made it a perfect evening. The organisers Saina Jayapal & Aparna Kallakuri were simply awesome and made this get together a real evening to cherish and remember forever.

If you are looking for a way to embrace your hair in its true form start following Asha and join Indian Curl Pride group for abundant free resources. Don’t forget to read and follow the group rules.

I almost feel like this is a revolution all over the country. I truly hope Indian cosmetic companies come out with CG friendly products more and more, Welcome to the world of beautiful and more importantly healthy natural hair!

Watch out for the post on my updated routine and transformation journey and until then do have a look at the last post of my routine.

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